Who are we

Engineering Good - Student Chapter is the student chapter of the parent organisation, Engineering Good. We are a student-led group with our own independent initiatives. We undertake projects that aim to develop solutions for disadvantaged communities, which also allows students to hone their technical skills through contributing to society in a meaningful way.

What we do

Humanitarian Engineering Projects

We have a programme to allow students to embark on projects in a structured and guided manner, which we call the TechDev Programme. We partner with other organisations to come up with a problem statement and begin the process of designing a solution from there. The dates and registration details for the next TechDev Programme will be updated on our website when they are confirmed. Through the past TechDev programmes, we have projects that are either currently ongoing or have been completed. Details of the projects can be found here.

Community Volunteering

In addition to the projects and programmes, our project teams and management committee volunteer on an ad hoc basis every semester. This allows us to engage with the wider community and understand what it means to help the people around us. 

Our Mission

People's lives can be made easier through sustainable engineering solutions. We aim to provide effective and structured guidance for students to engineer effective solutions and to carry the ideal of humanitarian engineering. We hope to see this passion for humanitarian engineering to be shared among everyone with the appropriate skills to make a difference.

Do contact us by dropping us an email  here if you are interested to be a part of us, if you have any queries, or if you just want to know more!

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