APSN - Smart Weighing Scale

Trainees at APSN are trained to use the weighing scale to measure the requied amount of ingredients. However, trainees might lack the quantitative reasoning to know if they should add or reduce the ingredient. This will affect the quality of the final product.  As such, based on the scenarios above, this project atims to propose a technology based solution to provide feedback and empower the trainees to produce consistent baking products.

DSA - EZ-Link Top Up

Taking the public transport is a daily travelling task which we perform on a regular basis. However learners in DSA (S) finds this task daunting as the self-service machines require skills to complete the top up. As such, join us in the development of an experiential solution which simulate the EZ Link card top up process thereby enhancing the learner’s skills and independence in using our public transport.

SADeaf - Smart Watch

The ringing of our alarm clocks, the horns of approaching cars and the familiar chimes of our doorbells are useful inventions designed to make our lives easier. The beneficiaries of SADeaf, however, does not have access to these conveniences. Join us and develop a smart watch to help users become aware of such audio information.

DSA - Money Counting

Coins are widely used in our daily transactions and it is an important functional skill for independent living. As such, developing a money counting device would not only teach the learners in DSA (S) the values of coins and empower them to perform basic transactions, but also valuable mathematical concepts.

SPD - Safety Enhancement

The Sheltered Workshop is a place for employment and vocational training for people with disabilities. The projects and small contract work that SPD secures provide a real work environment for their trainees, thus improving future employment prospects. Project members visited the sheltered workshop to identify safety hazards and productivity bottlenecks, and then produce a set of solutions aimed at improving the safety and productivity of the workplace.

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