TechDev Program

What is TechDev?

The Technology Development Programme is the programme through which our projects are carried out. It is a structured hands-on prototype development programme.  It is aimed at passionate student volunteers to solve problems faced by people through assistive technology solutions that are user-centric and cost effective.

The programme is designed based on the 5 stage Design Thinking Framework:

Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype, Test.

This entails a long term partnership with the VWOs which will cover all stages of the framework. The end goal is to provide an engineering solution to an existing problem faced by the beneficiaries.

Objectives of TechDev

Deliver social impact by

empowering the local
communities through user
centric and cost effective
assistive technology

Raise awareness of
Humanitarian Engineering
and Community
Engagement amongst the
student population.

Expose students to skills
based volunteerism and
provide a platform to
develop their problem
solving and prototyping

TechDev Phases

Problem Exploration, Research and Observation


Defining problem faced by beneficiaries


Craft out detailed statement of work to beneficiary and organisation


Conceptualisation and Development of Ideas


Receive feedback from beneficiary to improve on product


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