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SPD Wheelchair Project

Some HDB flats can be difficult for wheelchair users to enter because of the steps for them to surmount. This project aims to build a cheap, portable, easy-to-use solution to help wheelchair users climb the steps more easily.

MINDS Money Handling Project

Students in MINDS schools have difficulty handling money. For them to learn to count coins effectively, we hope to develop a prototype of a device that is able to count coins. The MINDS students would need to put in a set amount of money in coins. The device would then provide feedback on whether the correct amount was put in. 

BHID Gait Analysis Project

The elderly in day care and rehab centres are often at a high risk of falling down and injuring themselves. Hence, there is a need to analyse their gait to determine their fall-risk using a simple device that just needs to be strapped on to their two legs. The prototype would record the sensor readings while the user is walking. The values of the sensor readings will then be able to determine their fall-risk. Gait analysis aids in the diagnosis of improper posture or underlying problems and. This allows for posture corrections or changes in lifestyle to be made for prevention fall injury.

Down Syndrome Association Baby Crawler Project 

This project was a collaboration with Down Syndrome Association (Singapore). In this project, a device was designed and built to enable babies with Down Syndrome to crawl independently through a supporting harness. This aids their subsequent physical developmental progress at infancy which is important for long-term physical and cognitive development.

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